Memorial Hermann Plaza Outpatient Sports Imaging Institute

Answer: Thank you for letting us know. An added benefit of having these services in close proximity is that the staff can communicate with each other more easily about your care.

Answer: Thank you for contacting the Sports Imaging Ask an Expert forum. Many procedures today are performed with the help of an imaging modality (X-ray, sound or magnet technology which are used to take pictures) so that the area being treated or biopsied can be located precisely. For example, a breast mass that is suspicious can be biopsied with a minimum of difficulty,pain and potential for error using ultrasound and a specially designed table containing the biopsy equipment. Liver masses or masses in other abdominal organs can be biopsied using CT or MRI to guide the doctor to the exact location of the mass. Fluoroscopy is often used to help the Interventional Radiologist perform angiograms and stent insertions. Nuclear medicine procedures such as lymphoscintigraphy are often performed before surgery for breast cancer to help the surgeon decide which lymph nodes are most likely to be affected by the cancer. All of these types of image guided procedures are available at most of the Memorial Hermann and the LBJ Hospital locations. You can feel confident that procedures that you are having using image guided localization will be done with the latest equipment by our highly trained and specialized physicians.