Musculoskeletal CT Scans

Answer: Thank you for contacting the Bone and Joint Ask an Imaging expert forum. Our experts would like to reassure you that a faculty member oversees every scan, and that each scan is reviewed by the faculty member before the final interpretation is submitted. Your knowledge of pelvic anatomy is correct in saying that the sacrum is right behind the bladder. The lateral (side-lying) view would separate the bladder from the sacrum so it is easier to detect a sacral lesion. A full bladder can hide the sacrum and cause lesions to be missed, but activity in the bladder will not be mistaken for a bone lesion. Your father’s oncologist may order another type of imaging if he/she feels that this lesion should be confirmed. If so, we recommend scheduling this imaging at one of our Memorial Hermann Imaging Centers by calling 713-512-6040 for Memorial Hermann appointments, or 713-526-4243 for LBJ hospital appointments.