Ultrasound of Joints

Answer: Thank you for contacting the Bone and Joint Imaging Ask an Expert Forum. We would encourage you to make an appointment for a medical evaluation of your knees. Occasionally, small problems can become larger ones if left untreated. If you don’t have a physician yet, you can begin by going to this website – http://www.utphysicians.com/ , or calling 1-888-488-3627. You could also make an exam appointment in our beautiful, new orthopedic department at 6400 Fannin Street, Suite 1700. The doctor can decide after examining you whether you need imaging. Generally, our experts say that most serious knee problems do get imaged, most commonly with plain x-ray, then MRI. Ultrasound is done less commonly for imaging, but is sometimes used as part of the treatment plan. Specific rates cannot be given on this website, as rates change frequently and are based partly on government reimbursement rates (Medicare), and also depend on the specific type of imaging, but you can get your rates in the following ways:

  • If you live in Harris County (Houston), you can apply for financial aid from the Harris County Hospital District at 713-566-6400 or hchdonline. The amount of aid you receive will depend on need, which you will describe in your application. Harris County medical facilities like LBJ Hospital are staffed by our UT experts, and the quality of imaging and image interpretations is at our high standards.
  • At Memorial Hermann –Texas Medical Center, you can call 877-704-8700. They will ask you specifics about the test ordered (part of the body to be imaged, whether you will need a contrast agent during the imaging) which your doctor can give you. At this number, you can ask what the self-pay rates would be. If you are scheduled for a procedure and insurance coverage is absent or inadequate, you can discuss payment options and rates when the facility calls you about the appointment.