Peer Tutoring Program

The Office of Educational Programs offers a Peer Tutoring Program for medical students in the first and second year classes. Second and fourth year medical students provide tutoring in all the courses taken in the first two years. This service is available at no cost and any student may request a tutor for any reason. Yes, we do take requests for specific tutors, but keep in mind the number of students that can be assigned to one tutor is limited. If your assigned tutor does not work out for any reason, please contact the program coordinator.

Request a Tutor

Complete the request form and submit it to the program coordinator. Contact information will be sent to you via email so you can arrange a time and place to meet with your tutor.

Become a Tutor

MS2 and MS4 students can apply to become peer tutors. Complete the application form.

Tutorial Records

Tutors must submit tutorial records to the Office of Educational programs every pay period. Blank records and pay period schedule available on the right.

Peer Tutoring Procedures

Student assignments will be made after three weeks of classes. It is the responsibility of students to contact tutors to set up sessions.

Contact Us

Program Coordinator: Alicia Howard
6431 Fannin JJL 304
Houston TX 77030
Telephone: (713) 500-6841
Fax: (713) 500-0603