EAP launches ‘Well Connected’ wellness podcast

By Office of Employee Assistance and Well-being Programs

Well Connected Podcast Logo
(Graphic by the Office of Employee Assistance and Well-being Programs)

The Office of Employee Assistance and Well-being Programs (EAP) launched a wellness podcast called Well Connected.

The podcast was created with the entire UTHealth Houston community in mind.

Whether you are faculty, clinician, hospitalist, staff, resident, or fellow, this podcast is for you, and it’s on demand for convenient listening.

The goal of the Well Connected podcast is to create opportunities for members of the UTHealth Houston community to connect-the-dots between three things:

  • What’s going on in our head,
  • How these thoughts and feelings affect well-being, and
  • Where we can access resources through the university to assist us.

Well Connected will take a deep dive into eight dimensions of wellness (physical, mental, financial, occupational, environmental, social, spiritual, and intellectual) to help us understand how all dimensions interact with one another to impact our lives and our overall well-being. The office will bring in experts to spark self-exploration and provide valuable insight on this holistic well-being approach.

Episodes will be aired monthly, with special bonus episodes during some months.

Visit the Well Connected podcast webpage to enjoy the first episode featuring Monica Guidry, EAP executive director and licensed mental health practitioner.