Well Represented

Association of University Anesthesiologists Representatives

Congratulations to Omonele Nwokolo, MD, and Carlos (Charlie) Artime, MD, on being selected to the Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA). Nwokolo and Artime join fellow Department of Anesthesiology faculty members Yafen Liang, MD; Shobana Rajan, MD; Cynthia Ju, PhD; Yandong Jiang, MD, PhD; and Holger Eltzschig, MD, PhD, as members of the association.

The seven faculty members from the Department of Anesthesiology make up nearly half of the 16 active members from the entire University of Texas System.

Established in 1954, AUA includes professionals in the field of anesthesia, critical care and pain medicine. The mission of AUA is to promote excellence in academic anesthesiology through mentorship; promotion of diversity and inclusivity; and professional growth throughout the careers of educators, academic leaders, and researchers. To become a member of AUA, one must be recognized by the organization based on achievements in research, education, clinical service, and leadership.