Current Fellows

Nicolas Heft headshot for Space Med Fellow page.

Nicolas Heft, MD

Nicolas Heft, MD

Nicolas Heft is an Emergency Medicine physician and Co-founder/inaugural fellow of the UT Houston Space Medicine Fellowship.

Dr Heft graduated from Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine in 2019 and completed his emergency medicine residency at the University of Texas in 2022.



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Curtis “Trey” Lowery III, MD, PhD

Curtis “Trey” Lowery III, MD, PhD

Dr. Curtis “Trey” Lowery III, M.D., Ph.D., was selected by UTHealth Houston as the 2nd Space Medicine Fellow and started his training in July 2023. Dr. Lowery has worked at every level of the emergency medical system, beginning his career as a scribe in the ED, then working as an EMT and participating in wilderness search and rescue and culminating as an Emergency Medicine Attending. He completed his Residency in emergency medicine at UTHSC Memphis during which he worked at an austere medicine clinic in the Philippines, undertook additional training in Hyperbaric medicine, and developed protocols to help protect providers while intubating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has used his Biochemistry PH.D background to develop several patents in conjunction with the VA to improve therapy for heart attacks, strokes, and combat related hemorrhagic reperfusion injury.

Dr. Lowery is passionate about wilderness medicine, medical research, search & rescue, and the mission to make humanity a multiplanetary species. His hobbies include SCUBA diving, blacksmithing, hiking, canoeing, pickleball, racquetball, and trivia.


Space Fellows at NASA Training facility.

Drs. Lowery & Heft taking a quick pic with Dr. Menon before the fun starts!

Sam Beger at NASA Training facility.

Dr. Sam Beger will be our new Space Med Fellow for 2024-2025. We’re excited to have him!

Collage of Trey at dentistry school.

Dr. Curtis “Trey” Lowery III during his dentistry rotation at the UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry.