Agency EMS Medical Direction

Is your Houston-area EMS agency in need of a knowledgeable, involved, experienced medical director? Are you looking to progress with some of the leaders on the cutting edge of EMS medicine? Do you want to get involved in prehospital research? Do you want access to some of the leading EMS physicians in Texas? If so, then the McGovern Medical School Department of Emergency Medicine’s Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section may be able meet your needs.

Our cadre of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section faculty is made up of experienced physicians, who combine EMS Fellowship training with years of experience to provide progressive medical direction to multiple local EMS agencies. With nearly a dozen board-certified/board eligible EMS physicians, as well as the only accredited EMS Fellowship in Houston and additional faculty with decades of EMS medical direction, prehospital research, and provider education experience, our staff can provide support and medical direction to any level of EMS agency.

What We Offer

From low-volume agencies providing basic EMS care to high-functioning agencies on the front lines of advancing prehospital care, we can assist your agency with all aspects of medical direction, including:

  • Online Medical Control: Our Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section Operational Medical Direction group provides online medical control via telephone 24/7. While each agency has a primary physician point of contact, we are able to cross-cover each other to ensure uninterrupted medical control availability. Whether the calls are for orders, required by protocol, or just to ask for advice, let us provide your online medical control.
  • Face-time: Our physicians have a passion for prehospital care, and we enjoy getting “boots on the ground” with the agencies we serve. We are excited to come to your agency, talk with your crews, make scenes, provide education, and just be present as part of the organization. We want to get to know the agency we are working for, and make sure that we are providing the services that the agency really needs.
  • Protocol Updates: Our group works with agencies that utilize a wide variety of protocols, from very basic to cutting edge. We can help develop protocols to fit your agency’s level of service, training, and needs. We have experience developing and maintaining protocols involving prehospital whole blood, antibiotics for open fractures, prehospital ultrasound, RSI, and other advanced processes.
  • Training and Credentialing: Quality EMS care stems from quality training. Let us bring the educational power of McGovern Medical School to your agency. Our physicians are experienced clinical educators, and can bring in-person education to your agency. Additionally, we can help you develop or update your provider credentialing process to better ensure quality care to your patients.
  • Research: Do you want to bring research to your agency? Do you have data and are looking for a way to publish? McGovern’s Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section, backed up by the Research Section, have years of experience in prehospital research and can help your agency break into the EMS research world.
  • Support: We can provide full medical direction coverage, or we can fill an associate or assistant medical director role to support the medical director and system that you already have in place. We’re happy to talk about options for various arrangements to best meet your agency’s needs.

We currently are proud to work with multiple agencies in the area, including:

  • AMR/GMR Houston (Dr. Aldo Weltge – Medical Director)
  • Community Volunteer Fire Department (Dr. Christopher Stephens – Medical Director)
  • Galena Park Fire Department (Dr. Joseph Gill – Medical Director)
  • Harris County ESD-48 (Dr. Joseph Gill – Associate Medical Director)
  • Harris County Hospital District EMS (Dr. Hashim Zaidi – Medical Director)
  • Harris Health Critical Care Transport Team (Dr. Hashim Zaidi – Medical Director)
  • Harris Health Transfer Center (Dr. Hashim Zaidi – Medical Director)
  • Houston Community College EMS Programs (Dr. Arlo Weltge – Medical Director)