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Interprofessional Education Mass Casualty Drill

The McGovern Medical School Department of Emergency Medicine’s Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section is proud to work with the UTHealth Center for Interprofessional Collaboration on the annual IPE Mass Casualty Drill. As part of their mission of teaching the students of UTHealth the importance of collaboration, Center for Interprofessional Collaboration puts on an annual Mass Casualty Drill, where rising third-year students from McGovern join students from the UTHealth Schools of Dentistry, Biomedical Informatics, and Public Health and the Cizik School of Nursing to participate in two scenarios and debriefs.

On drill day in late spring, nearly 600 participating UTHealth students have to work together to manage multiple patients from a simulated mass shooting in both the prehospital and in-hospital setting, focusing on TeamSTEPPS skills and collaboration. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section faculty and EMS Fellows are involved in all aspects of the drill, from active involvement on the drill core planning team, to writing scenarios, to assisting with logistics on the day of the drill, to actively facilitating student debriefs. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine Section Chief Dr. Kevin Schulz serves as the Simulation Branch Director for the event, working with other IPE, EM, and EMS faculty to ensure smooth simulation operations on drill day.