The EMS Fellowship Curriculum at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth is designed to complement the experience that fellows gain at the Houston Fire Department.  The curriculum is broken into modules with a specific emphasis, including reading assignments, focused didactics, and curated experiences to supplement the education the fellows receive. The curriculum is focused on making sure that the EMS Fellows learn the Core Content of EMS Medicine, and on preparing EMS Fellows for the subspecialty board exam.  In keeping with the unpredictable nature of EMS, the block schedule and curriculum can be modified to accommodate situations that arise.  See below for a sample block schedule.


EMS Fellowship Block Schedule (sample)

Module Dates
Module 1: General Principles of EMS Medical Direction July 1 – August 24
Module 2: Emergency Personnel Management and Safety August 25 – September 21
Module 3: Financial & Legal Issue, Due Process, and Quality Assurance September 22 – October 19
Module 4: Telemedicine and EMS Telecommunication October 20 – November 16
Module 5: EMS Medical Direction as Part of the Healthcare System November 17 – December 15
Module 6: Cognitive Development of the EMS Medical Director December 16 – January 18
Module 7: Response to Hazardous Materials Situations January 19 – February 15
Module 8: Tactical EMS and Medical Direction February 16 – March 14
Module 9: EMS Medical Direction in Extraordinary Circumstances March 15 – April 11
Module 10: EMS Medical Direction in the Austere Environment April 12 – May 9
Module 11: Advancing Knowledge in EMS May 10- June 13
Module 12: Aeromedical EMS and Medical Direction Longitudinal Experience
Optional Experience: Memorial Hermann Life Flight Flight Experience Longitudinal Experience