• Intro to Quality Improvement
  • Fundamentals of Patient Safety and Measuring Medical Quality
  • Ethics and Quality Improvement
  • Health Informatics

Process Improvement

  • Data Analytics for the Improvement of Healthcare Quality
  • Intro to Process Improvement
  • Methods for Process Improvement

Systems of Care

  • Utilization Management, Case Management, and Care Coordination
  • Organizational Design and Management
  • Economics and Finance in Medical Quality Management
  • External Quality Improvement: Accreditation, Certification, and Education
  • Interface Between Quality Improvement and the Law

Academic Expectations

  • Completion of ABEM certification
  • Enrollment in the Memorial Hermann Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Program
  • Completion of one longitudinal quality improvement project
  • One didactic presentation on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement topic
  • Involvement in the Emergency Department and Hospital quality systems