Research Mentors

The following senior faculty are willing to mentor junior faculty in translational/clinical research:


Carlos-ArtimeCarlos (Charlie) Artime, MD: Dr. Artime’s research focuses on neuroanesthesia-related outcomes and difficult airway management.





Jennifer Bailey, MA, PhDJennifer M. Bailey, PhD, MA: Dr. Bailey’s research focuses on identifying the molecular and genetic pathways underlying inflammation and cancer formation in the pancreas.




Davide Cattano, MD, PhDDavide Cattano, MD, PhD: Dr. Cattano’s research focuses on optimizing the use of preoperative testing and resources and perioperative coagulation testing.





Marie Francoise Doursout, PhDMarie-Françoise J. Doursout, PhD: Dr. Doursout’s research focuses on determining role of dietary intervention and mechanistic insight into neurodegenerative diseases in animal models.




Dr. Holger EltzschigHolger K. Eltzschig, MD, PhDDr. Eltzschig’s research focuses on studying endogenous adaptive pathways that are under the control of hypoxia-inducible factors and application of these molecular concepts to a wide range of disease models, including acute lung injury, myocardial or hepatic ischemia, acute kidney injury and intestinal inflammation.



Dr. Nischal GautamNischal K. Gautam, MBBS: Dr. Gautam’s research focuses on outcomes in pediatric cardiac surgical patients.





Yafen Liang, MDYafen Liang, MD: Dr. Liang’s research focuses on perioperative organ injury in the cardiac patient population, as well as in the general patient population.





Yandong Jiang, MD, PhDYandong Jiang, MD, PhD: Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on difficult airway management, perioperative lung physiology, and pulmonary outcomes.






Dr. Cynthia JuChangqing (Cynthia) Ju, PhDDr. Ju’s research focuses on understanding the inflammatory responses in acute and chronic liver diseases, including acetaminophen-induced liver injury, hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury and alcoholic liver disease.




Maria Matuszczak, MDMaria Matuszczak, MD: Dr. Matuszczak’s research focuses on airway management and pain medicine for the pediatric population.





Kyle Poulsen, PhDKyle Poulsen, PhD: Dr. Poulsen’s research focuses on liver disease triggered by drug and alcohol abuse.





Maya Suresh, MDMaya S. Suresh, MBBS: Dr. Suresh’s research focuses on perioperative maternal health.





Dr. George WilliamsGeorge W. Williams, MD, FASA, FCCM, FCCPDr. Williams’ research focuses on outcomes associated with critical illness.





Dr. Shao Feng ZhouShao Feng Zhou, MD: Dr. Zhou’s research focuses on blood conservation and organ injury after major aortic surgery.