Administration and Operations Fellowship

The goal of this fellowship is to equip emergency physicians with the skills needed to become effective physician leaders of emergency departments, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.

Within the complex healthcare landscape, physician leaders must utilize skills beyond those gained in clinical training to effect change within organizations, manage crises, and develop innovations in care delivery. This fellowship will provide emergency physicians with the tools to thrive in leadership roles and address the myriad challenges that face physicians and healthcare organizations today.

Distinguishing Features

This fellowship is unique in its joint clinical and operational experiences at two distinctly different large emergency departments, each embedded within a separate complex healthcare system.

Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center (TMC) – is a tertiary academic teaching hospital and the busiest Level 1 Trauma Center in the country. It is the flagship campus of the 17-hospital Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, the largest healthcare provider in the Houston metropolitan area, and the largest not-for-profit health system in southeast Texas.

Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) Hospital – is a county safety net hospital and the highest volume emergency department in the city of Houston. This hospital is part of the Harris Health System, which provides care for indigent and vulnerable populations in the third most populous county in the US.

Faculty for the fellowship span departmental, hospital, and health systems leadership levels across both large institutions.

The fellowship offers a two-year option coupled with an advanced management degree (MBA or MHA), or a one-year option dedicated to core emergency department leadership and management principles.

Upon completion of training, the fellow will be well-prepared for administrative responsibility in any healthcare organization setting, whether academic, community, county, or private.