Teaching and Certification


Starting in the R1 year, there are several opportunities for residents to teach medical students as well as residents from other specialties, including pediatrics, PM&R and orthopedic surgery, as they rotate through the department.

Workstation teaching

Clinician-Educator Track

The Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging offers a Clinician-Educator Track, which is a 4-year longitudinal program for radiology residents interested in pursuing an academic career. Radiology residents develop the skills necessary to become effective educators through engaging workshops, giving lectures to other residents and medical students, and preparing a capstone project.

Jeremiah Stringham, MD graduating from the Clinician-Educator Track in 2022


Our program offers various optional certification pathways to broaden your educational experience.

Certificate in Healthcare Management

Interested residents may choose a month-long elective during their R4 year to obtain a Certificate in Healthcare Management through the University of Houston at Clear Lake, which is located in the Texas Medical Center. This elective certificate course features targeted lectures encompassing the fundamentals of management and leadership. Topics covered include hard skills such as professional finance and accounting, practice management, and marketing, as well as soft skills like negotiation, leadership, and organizational culture and change management.

Physician Educator Certificate Program 

The Physician Educator Certificate Program (CPEP) is an 8-month program for residents who are interested in receiving more training in teaching effectiveness. This certificate program prepares trainees for their academic career, resulting in greater teaching confidence and job satisfaction. This course meets once a month for 8 months.

16-Month Pathway to Dual Certification in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Radiology

A resident who has a total of 16 months of experience in nuclear radiology or nuclear medicine during the 48-month diagnostic radiology residency may quality for the ABR’s subspecialty certificate in nuclear radiology.

Approved candidates follow the same exam schedule as candidates for the standard pathway in diagnostic radiology and a subspecialization in nuclear radiology.

Diagnostic Radiology residents should declare their interest in pursuing the 16-month pathway leading to specialty certification in Diagnostic Radiology and subspecialty certification in Nuclear Radiology by the end of their R2 year. Only one resident per year may enter this pathway, which does not extend the length of residency.