Case Presentations



Acute ACL Tear_Andrew Wang, MS4_Kumaravel, MD_June 2021

Tibial Plateau Fractures, Joseph Wilder, MS4, Kumaravel, MD_June 2021

Anoxic Brain Injury_Parth Patel, MS3_Lee, MD_Patel_June 2021

Uterine Scar Endometriosis_KarenPereira, MS3_Sanhaji, MD_June 2021

Acute splenic laceration_Bryan Hoang, MD_Pomfret, MD_Tapnio, MD_June 2021

Pediatric Omental Infarction_Emma Holmes, MS4_Hester, MD_Tapnio, MD_June 2021


Aortic Dissection_Joseph Kim, MS4_Kumaraval, MD_Awdeh, MD_May 2021

Desmoid Tumor_Ava Mirtsching, MS4_Bande, MD_Awdeh, MD_May 2021

Nonspecific Interstital Pnemonia (NSIP)-Interstital Lund Disease (ILD)_Ashley Tom, MS4_Su, MD_Awdeh, MD_May 2021



ARDS Shelley Burge, MS4_Kumaravel, MD_Awdeh, MD_Apr 2021

Acute Appendicitis_John Jackson, MS4, Awdeh, MD_Apr 2021

Cervical Spine Facture_Anamaria Dragan, MS4, Pomfret, MD, Awdeh, MD_Apr 2021


Back pain following a fall, Jesse Degani, MS4, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

COVID Pneumonia with ARDS, Jessilyn Laney, MS4, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Dens Type II, Aashini Patel, MS4, Kumaravel, MD, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Extubated Pediatric Patient with Worsening Respiratory Status, Kayla Walter, MS4, Schwartz, MD, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Mesenteric Ischemia Presentation, William Morris, MS4, Su, MD, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Methotrexate Leukoencephalopathy, Sungita Kumar, MS4, Bonfante-Mejia, MD, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Necrotizing Pancreatitis, Frances Howard, MS4, Wang, MD, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021

Pneumoperitoneum, Chad Zhao, MS4, Awdeh, MD, Mar 2021


Acute Pancreatitis, Sarah Linson MS4, Lambert, MD, Wang, MD, Foss,MD, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Advanced Neurodegeneration, Nicloe Thomason MS4, Khanpara, MD, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Ankle Pain, Angie Aceves MS4, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Appendiceal Rupture, Alexander Yin MS4, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Bisphosphonate Fracture, Eric Tom MS4, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Incidental Cardiac Finding, John Krapf MS4, Awdeh, MD_Feb 2021

Lateral Epicondylitis, Annika Medhus MS4, Kumaravel, MD_Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Mature Cystic Ovarian Teratoma, Olivia Ortiz MS4, Foss, MD, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Pulmonary Embolism, Kyle Meissner MS4, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Pyelonephritis, Eric Fris MS4, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021

Vacterl, Tori Waters MS4, McCarty, MD, Awdeh, MD, Feb 2021


Abscess_Thomas Rogers, MS4_B.Wand, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Acute Triquetral Fracture _ Radiocarpal Subluxation_Jason Fuller, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021AD 4013

Distal Femur Fracture Due to Trauma_Maryam Haider, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Filum Terminale Lipoma_Zachary DeZeeuw, MS4_Samant, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Ground Level Fall in a patient w_ Cerebral Palsy_Jacqueline Dickey, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Malrotation_Keziah Thomas, MS4_Qiao, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Renal Abscess _ Pyelonephritis_Weston Grove, MS4_Green, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021

Traumatic Pneumothorax_Stephen Palasi, MS4_Kumaraval, MD_Bawa, MD_Awdeh, MD_Jan 2021


ACL Tears_Adam Lazarus MS4_Spence, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Acute Scrotum in Children_John McCarthy, MS4_Tavernier, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis_Min Yi Dong, MS4_Pomfret, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Fracture w_ Ankylosing Spondylitis_Frederick Lemaistre, MS4_ Hester, MD, Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

MVA Fractures and Pneumothorax_Bert Ma, MS4_Greenfield, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Pulmonary Abscess_Marina Ibraheim, MS4_Conners, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Shoulder Dislocation with Bony Defects_Sahira Farooq, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Tibial Avulsion Fractures_Nicolas Merutka, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020

Traumatic Splenic Laceration_Kyle Lauck, MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Dec 2020


Abdominal Pain_Ge Yan MS4_R. Hlis, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Aortic Dissection_Kyle Sheppard MS4_F. Celii, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Blunt Chest Truama_Michelle Ghebranious MS4_L. Ellerbrook, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Cervical Spine Truama_Justin Carranza MS4_C. Desai, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Extrahepathatic Cholangiocinoma_Angela Sheng MS4_W. Floss,MD_H. Awdeh,MD_Nov 2020

Femur Fracture _ Fat Emboli_Margeaux Epner MS4_E. Friedman, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Fracture of the Right Hip_Keziah Thomas MS4_W. Green, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Horseshoe Kidney_Shannon Swisher MS4_S. Neville, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Left Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage_Angela Murira MS4_R. Hills, MD_Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Seatbelt Syndrome_Devonne Harris MS4_N Chinapuvvala, MD_C. Desai, MD_H. Awdeh_Nov 2020

Subdural Hematoma_Jacqueline Woloski MS4_C. Sitton, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020

Translational Injury_Priscila Olague MS4_Y. Munir, MD_H. Awdeh, MD_Nov 2020


Abdominal Wall Abscesses_Jessica Williams MS4_Talley, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Acute Appendicitis_Tracy Nwanna MS4_Kumaravel, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Blunt Trauma-Spine_Amy Mulikin MS4_Bosserman, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction-Ogilvie Syndrome_Andrei Loghin MS4_Doyle, MD_Jarolimek, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Hepatic Encephalopathy_Frank Cai MS4_Pasciak, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Necrotizing Enterocolitis_Jocelyn Ursua MS4_John, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Ovarian Cysts-Dysmenorrhea_Jamie Haro-Silerio MS4_Bande, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Sarcomatoid Renal Cell Carcinoma_Ayana Taylor MS4_Talley, MD_Hasapes,MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Trauma-Pneumothorax_Fauniel Self MS4_Bosserman, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020

Traumatic Bowel Injury_Rachel Carson MS4_Bilow MD, Awdeh MD_Oct 2020

Uterine Anomalies_Danielle Wilson MS4_Bilow, MD_Awdeh, MD_Oct 2020


ACL tear, Jordon Price MS4, A Bosserman MD Sep 2020

Anoxic brain Injury, Daniel Abramson MS4, M Patino MD Sep 2020

Gallstone Ileus Sally Choi MS4, M Lambert MD Sep 2020

Imaging in Sickle Cell disease, Maria Hernandez MS4, Thupili MD Sep 2020

Perilunate dislocation, Kevin Sok MS4, M Kumaravel MD Sep 2020

Rotator Cuff Repair, John Howell MS4, Kumaravel MD Sep 2020


Cystic Peritoneal Mass, Alexa Janda MS4, Kramer MD Aug 2020

Distal Femoral Fracture, Joaquin Santoy MS4, Scott MD Aug 2020

Hip Fracture, Ashley Notzon MS4, M Kumaravel MD MSK Aug 2020

Ocular Trauma Alex Villarreal MS4, S Scott MD, Aug 2020


Brain death, Kehan Vohra MS4, Bilow MD, ER July 2020

Comminuted Distal Femoral Fracture, Kevin Sok MS4, Kumaravel MD, MSK July 2020

Distal Tibial Fracture, Sally Choi MS4, Kumaravel MD, MSK July 2020

Peritonsillar Abscess, Austin Pickrell MS4, Patino MD, Clark MD July 2020

Rapunzel Syndrome Aashini Patel MS4, Greenfield MD, Pedi July 2020

Subcutaneous Emphysema, Annika Medhus MS4, Bande MD, thoracic July 2020

Traumatic Arm injury, Justin Tran MS4, Bilow MD, ER July 2020



Womens’ Imaging 

Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy, Trinh Tammy MS4, P Bawa MD

Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast, Janda Alexandra MS3, M Kumaravel MD

Malignant Phyllodes Tumor, Vu Alan MS4, M Kumaravel MD


Body Imaging 

Cirrhosis, Jessica Sanders MS3, Nathan Doyle MD, P Bawa MD

Vesicoureteral Reflux Cross Fused Ectopy, Joshua Rosengarten MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis, Davis Joy MS3, S. Narayanan MD

Abdominal Gun Shot Wound, Dugger Samuel MS4, P Bawa MD

Adenosquamous Carcinoma, Leonid Khokhlov MS4 Visiting Student, Dr. P.Bawa

Bladder Wall Injury, Dunlop Catherine MS4, P Bawa MD

Boerhaave Syndrome and Esophageal Stricture, Gaglani Tanmay MS4, Dr. Thosani, Dr. Thupili

Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy, David Wideman MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Chronic Pancreatitis, Ontiveros Diana MS4, Dr. J. Talley PGY2

Gluteal Abscess, Maryam Alam MS3, P Bawa MD

Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Desai Ami MS4, N. Doyle MD, S. Burke MD

Metastatic Cholangiocarcinoma, Chernis Julia MS4, P Bawa MD, A Wolfe MD, C Costelleo MD

Mucinous Adenocarcinoma, lliana Chapa MS4, Wan MD, Shin MD

Ovarian Cancer with Large Bowel Obstruction, Bareis Alexander MS4,M. Kumaravel MD

Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, Wright Kaylor MS4,S Burke MD, V. Tammisetti MD

Renal Cell Carcinoma, John Howell MS3, M Hanna MD

Sigmoid Volvulus, Sorkin Johnathan MS4, M. Redwine MD, S. Balabhadra MD

Testicular Seminoma, Haqqani Fatima MS4, R. Vikram MD


ER Radiology

Aortic Injury , Steven Ajluni C., Dr. P. Bawa, Dr.  M. Kumaravel

Avulsion with Liver Laceration and Hemoperitoneum, Wood Roland MS4, Dr. R. Bilow

Blunt Aortic Injury_ Aortic Transection of Proximal Descending Aorta with Pseudoaneurysm, Drummond, Olivia MS4, L. Sanhaji MD

Brain Hemorrhage GSW, Rose Kevelyn MS4, R.Bilow

Cervical Spine Trauma, Ellis Ryan C MS4, C. Carney MD

Eye Trauma, Howard James J MS4, M. Tran MD

Facial Trauma, Wythe Stephanie MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Pelvic Fracture and Extraperitoneal Bladder Rupture, Cooper Quiroz MS4, Dr. Chinapuvvula

Splenic Injury with Subcapsular Hematoma and Pseudoaneurysms , Alford Yakira MS4, Dr. R. Bilow

Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Pseudoaneurysm , Sullivan Kirbi MS4, N. Chinapuvvula MD


MSK – Radiology

Multiple Myeloma, Chopra Maneera MS4, Dr. P. Bawa, Dr. B. Wang

Anterior Bundle Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear, Tran Justin MS3, M. Kumaravel MD

Biceps Tendon Injury, Carter Dalton MS4, P. Bawa MD

Chondroblastoma of the Knee, Milhoan Madison MS4, Dr. R. Kumar

Distal Femur Fracture, Andrews Reid MS4, Dr. P.Bawa

Osteoarthritis-Osteoarthrosis of the Knees, Patrick Conner MS4, Dr. H. Awdeh

Patella Tendon Tear, Rabinovich A. MS4, Dr. K. Bande, Dr. N. Beckmann

Pelvic Ring Injury, Hays Matthew MS4, Dr. P.Bawa

Segond Fracture, Choi Sally MS3, Dr. M. Kumaravel

Sickle Cell Crisis, Gaskey Gregory MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Vertebral Osteomyelitis , Lam Brian MS4, S. Belchuk MD, K. Bande MD


Pedi Radiology 

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Martin Amanda MS4, H.Awdeh

Grade 3 Vesicoureteral Reflux, Lin Amanda MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Hirschsprung Disease , Amber Garza MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Hirschsprung Disease_, Hicks Kelsey MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Alexandria Lawrence MS4, Dr. P. Bawa. pdf

Intussusception, Abeysekera Radhini MS4, Dr. Wang PGY-2, Dr. H. Awdeh

Sepsis/Hydronephrosis 2/2 Obstructive Infected Nephrolithiasis, Rozean Colby MS4,P. Bawa MD

Acute Appendicitis, Chen Vanessa MS4, C. Yalniz MD

Brainstem Pilocytic Astrocytoma , Arca Makenna MS3, E. Bonfante- Mejia MD

Left Lung Pneumatocele , Jacob Dangerfield MS4, K. Hughes MD

RSV with Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure, Air leak Syndrome with Spontaneous Pneumothorax, Pneumomediastinum and Pneumoperitoneum, Steward Sydne MS3, Dr. J. Hester, Dr. S. Greenfield

Salter Harris II Tibial Fracture, Kyra Frost MS4, Dr.M. Kumaravel

Salter-Harris III (Tillaux) Fracture, Dillion William MS4, Dr. Johnathan D Hester


Thoracic Imaging 

Anterior Mediastinal Mass, Omar Alnatour MS4, Dr. P. Bawa

Pulmonary Embolism with Right Heart Strain, Hancock Saxon MS4, M. Kumaravel MD

Cardiac Tamponade Non-inflammatory Pericardial Effusion, Sandra Coker MS4, Dr. P.Bawa

Interstitial Lung Disease-Head Cheese Sign, Isabella Alamo-Ciufetelli MS3, B. Wang MD, Dr. P.Bawa

Pulmonary Embolism, Marc St Cyr MS4, Dr. P. Bawa

Pulmonary Nodule, Ashley Notzon MS3, E. Odisio MD, M. Lambert MD


VASC/IR – Radiology 

Angiography Pre-Embolization with Internal Iliac Artery Selection, Viranmontes Jose MS4, J. Guccione MD

Bronchial Artery Embolization, Zacharia Grami MS4, Dr. K. Bande MS2

Clear Cell RCC, Srinivasan Aditya MS4, K. BlairMD

Mesenteric Angiography with Intervention for Chronic Portal Vein Occlusion, Korf Janelle MS3, Dr. Z. Bhatti

MSSA Endocarditis, Andrew Gulde MS4, Dr. P.Bawa

Positional Plagiocephaly, Coburn Ryan MS4, R Patel MD