Research Resources

How do I obtain Institutional Review Board approval for a research project?

Do not start your project until you have all required approvals.

  • The UTHealth IRB is known as the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS)
  • If you are a resident or student, you must have a faculty mentor.
  • Contact Mandy Hill ( or Misha Granado ( for an initial consultation. Discuss your project idea and iron out the details of your project.
  • Write up an IRB protocol (sample protocol templates at
  • If your protocol requires full board review, Mandy will solicit department pre-submission reviews from EM faculty members. You must address these comments.
  • Misha will coordinate submission to the CPHS for you.
  • If you are performing your research at Memorial Hermann Hospital, you will also need approval by the MHH Research Office. Misha and Mandy will coordinate submission to MHH for you.

How do I submit a grant application or establish a research contract?

  • Contact Tresa Beverly-Prince,
  • With a few exceptions, all grant applications must be submitted through the UTHealth Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) office.
  • Grant application budgets must be ready at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline. A draft copy of the grant must be submitted for SPA approval 1-2 weeks before the grant deadline.