Fellows actively participate in at least 3-4 conferences a week, depending on the rotation.

Core Curriculum Conference: Covers a broad spectrum of topics in general cardiology, cardiovascular imaging, interventional cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology and advanced heart failure. The topics are selected based on the most tested topics by Cardiology ABIM board exam. The curriculum extends over one academic year. This conference is taught in a “flipped classroom” format and is conducted in small groups with a faculty moderator.

Cardiovascular Disease Grand Rounds: A weekly conference by the department of Cardiology, with invited guest speakers to update us on the latest advancements in cardiovascular medicine.

EKG Conference: A mixture of general electrophysiology topics and case-based as seen on the EKG portion of the Cardiology ABIM exam. Fellows will become comfortable in using the scoring sheet used on the boards.

Cath Conference: The general fellows on their cardiac catheterization rotation will present an angiogram or hemodynamics case they participated in with interventional faculty providing teaching points.

Technical Conference: Monthly conference by the interventional fellows who present complexes cases and review the technical aspects of the procedure.

Valve Conference: A structural cardiology multidisciplinary conference reviewing patients and discussing the best treatment plan.

Advanced Heart Failure Fellows Conference: Fellows present a teaching case from their heart failure rotation to the advanced heart failure group, with faculty moderating and providing additional teaching points.

Pathology Conference: Every 1-2 months, a pathologist will review the histopathology seen in all native hearts after cardiac transplantation performed at our institution over a given time period.

Medical Review Board: Multidisciplinary conference when considering patients for advanced cardiac therapies.

MD Anderson Fellow Conferences: Fellow-driven conference where each fellow on the consult services will present a cardio-oncology topic to the faculty.

LBJ Echo Conference: A monthly conference where the echocardiography fellow presents an interesting case and teaching points to the LBJ noninvasive laboratory.