The Division of Hematology’s major academic goal is to promote the understanding of a wide scope of hematological diseases. The diagnosis and management of these diseases require a broadly based knowledge in bone marrow physiology and biochemistry, tumor cell growth, hemostasis and thrombosis, red blood cell and hemoglobin molecular biology and immunology. The division has developed good collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry in The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The interactions enhance research, teaching and patient activities.

The clinical program encompasses a comprehensive consultation service at Hermann Hospital and Lyndon Baines Johnson General Hospital (LBJGH), and several specialized patient care services including a hemophilia treatment center and a sickle cell clinic. The Division maintains outpatient clinics at Hermann Hospital and the LBJGH which provides care for a large number of patients with diversified hematologic and oncologic disorders. The Division sponsors several scheduled conferences, including a patient care conference, journal review club, interdepartmental cancer conference and special research seminars given by invited speakers.

Research in the division includes an interdepartmental program in prostaglandin research, hemophilia/thrombosis research and clinical research on sickle cell anemia.