Khan Military Scholarship

KhanThe first Khan Military Scholarships were awarded in March 2022. This scholarship fund was started by Shane Jensen, MD, a former acute care surgery fellow, in honor of Saleem Khan, MD, Professor and Chief of Emergency General Surgery at McGovern Medical School. Dr. Khan has had a distinguished military career, having been deployed seven times between 2003 and 2009 to Iraq and Afghanistan. He has served in Operation Desert Storm. He is a decorated veteran who has been awarded the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit. He currently serves our community by providing high-quality emergency general surgical care and by training the next generation of surgical and healthcare providers. The intent of the scholarship is to honor and support military trainees pursuing a career in surgery. The fund is made possible by ongoing contributions by faculty and military trainees.

The Department is able to provide awards up to $1500 per award for continuing education travel, medical supplies, or books. Actual award amounts and continued funding are based on availability. Awards are determined by a committee consisting of the Residency Director, Dr. Saleem Khan, and the ACS Division Director. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and distributed as funds allow each year. Funding is not supplied directly to the trainee. Funding is maintained through UTHealth Houston, and directly funds travel, books, or supplies.

Past Scholarship Winners:
James B. Dickey
Joshua Jones
Yurong Mai
Alex Mills
Michael Van Gent, DO
Ryan Yang

Scholarship Contributors:
Jason Brill, MD
Timothy Donahue
Shane Jensen, MD
Saleem A. Khan, MD
Tien C. Ko, MD
Matthew McHale, DO
Michael Van Gent, DO