Samuel Ruiz, MD

My decision to come to UTHealth Houston was easy. I was looking for a prestigious institution with a great volume of cases to maximize my training, located in a nice, warm, metropolitan city. This program has all three! The opportunity to practice at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center and Memorial Herman, one the busiest Trauma centers in the US, makes UTHealth Houston the best place to be. In addition, the support of the program, faculty, and staff makes you feel right at home.

Samuel Ruiz, MDMed school – Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

General surgery residency – HCA Florida – Kendall Hospital. Miami, Florida


  • Intern/Medical Student of the Year, 2012
  • Edward Copeland Abstract Award Winner. Category: Clinical Science, 2019
  • Winner of Surgical Jeopardy, 2019 (2x)
  • Winner of Annual Surgical Skills Competition. Category: Laparoscopic Suturing, 2020
  • Winner of Annual Surgical Skills Competition. Category: Free Tie, 2021


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PRS Interests – Craniofacial Surgery, General and Burn Reconstruction.

Sam is an International medical graduate from Venezuela. He came to us after completing his General Surgery training in Miami, Florida and working his way up to the top. A real role model for foreign medical graduates.

In his spare time, Sam continues his quest to master “El Cuatro” (Venezuelan Version of the Ukulele). In addition, He love spending time with his family and exploring everything that Houston has to offer – He even found surfable waves near Houston!