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The mission of our program is to groom future Pediatric Anesthesiologists to provide safe perioperative clinical care to a variety of complex pediatric patients, in a supportive diverse and inclusive involvement.

Our Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship program aims to provide with:

  1. Opportunities to advance medical knowledge, clinical and interpersonal skills, practice-based learning while offering a wide variety of cases in a healthy learning environment.
  2. Practice evidence-based medicine.
  3. A consistent learning environment by utilizing resources such as mock oral board preparation, mock Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs), Ultimate Board Preparation (UBP) course, and rotation-based exam modules to successfully complete Anesthesia Board Exams, OSCEs and Pediatric Anesthesia board exam.
  4. A robust curriculum based on lectures, problem-based learning, workshops, simulation, journal clubs, case conference, and grand rounds.
  5. Dedicated monthly research lectures by leading researchers within the department and outside.
  6. Management skills by offering a “Pre-tending Role” rotation towards the end of fellowship to enrich trainee’s professional development in future care team leadership role in the perioperative setting.
  7. Opportunities in various research and quality improvement projects.
  8. Hire graduates as pediatric anesthesia faculty at UT Houston to help improve overall infrastructure of the department as well as, retention and recruitment of innovative faculty.