MS IV Rotation Details

ANES 4001 is a month-long elective for fourth-year medical students.

Students will take a written examination at the end of the elective. Evaluations by faculty and residents are based on:

  • Attendance and participation in didactic sessions
  • Attendance at clinical assignments and participation in clinical activities
  • Demonstration of accomplishment of the objectives
  • Mid-rotation verbal feedback will be provided for all students, upon request

Rotation Expectations:

  • Two weeks of general OR rotation and a specialty rotation (most likely cardiovascular anesthesia).
  • Attend weekly didactic conferences and participate in clinical duties Monday through Friday.
  • Attend Thursday morning Grand Rounds (usually at 6:55 AM in MSB 2.006). Please sign-in below the resident signatures to document your attendance.
  • Final grade based on performance on written exam. Grading system:
    • H: > 80%
    • HP: 65-79%
    • P: 46-64%
    • MP: <45%
  • Students are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times during this rotation. Any unprofessional behavior will be an automatic fail.
  • There is no call expected during this rotation. Students are expected to be on service weekdays until 3:00 PM.
  • This is an anesthesiology rotation, not just an intubation rotation and we expect to train students/residents in all areas of anesthesiology including cardiovascular, pain. regional, and clinic assessments.