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Neurologists and Neurosurgeons

UTHealth Neurosciences brings together a multi-disciplinary team of world-class clinicians, researchers and educators. Part of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, UTHealth Neurosciences is the largest neuroscience provider in South Texas and one of only a few institutions in the country to provide all aspects of neuroscience care, bringing together neurologists, neurosurgeons (brain surgeons and spine surgeons), neuro-oncologists, neurocritical care specialists, radiation oncologist, sleep specialists and pain management specialists.


Louise D. McCullough, MD   Professor, Chair and Huffington Distinguished Chair in Neurology
Yazan J. Alderazi, MD Assistant Professor
Clinical Director, Neuro ICU, Memorial Hermann-The Woodlands; Clinical Director, Endovascular Stroke Services, Memorial Hermann-The Woodlands
Tomi Ashaye, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew D. Barreto, MD Associate Professor
Suur Biliciler, MD Associate Professor
Hammad A. Bokhari, MD Assistant Professor
Ritvij Bowry, MD Assistant Professor
Kristin Brown, MD Assistant Professor
Robert Brown, MD Associate Professor
Mark Burish, MD Assistant Professor
Shivika Chandra, MD Assistant Professor
Chief Of Neurology, Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital/Outpatient Neurology
Tiffany Chang, MD Associate Professor
Huimahn Alex Choi, MD Associate Professor
Melissa Christie, MD Assistant Professor
Tiffany D. Cossey, MD Assistant Professor
Alexandra Czap, MD Assistant Professor
Srikanth Damodaram, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Mimi Minh-Ngoc Dang, MDClinical Assistant Professor
James A. Ferrendelli, MDProfessor
Rajesh K. Gupta, MDAssistant Professor
Aaron Gusdon, MDAssistant Professor
Hamid Hamdi, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Katherine M.J. Harris, MDAssistant Professor
Fellowship: Epilepsy
Sigmund Hsu, MDAssistant Professor
David Hunter, MDAssistant Professor
Amanda L. Jagolino-Cole, MD
Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program
Christina Y. Kim, MDAssistant Professor
Swathi Kondapalli, MDAssistant Professor
Abhay Kumar, MDAssociate Professor
Nuria Lacuey Lecumberri, MD, PhD Assistant Professor
Samden Lhatoo, MD Director, Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Co-Director, Texas Institute for Restorative Neurotechnologies Professor, McGovern Distinguished Chair in Neurology, and Executive Vice Chair, Department of Neurology
John A. Lincoln, MD, PhD Associate Professor
Director, MRI Analysis Center
J. William Lindsey, MD Professor
Director, Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology
Bharti Manwani, MD, PhD Assistant Professor
Raymond A. Martin, MD Professor
Raja Mehanna, MD Associate Professor
Kimberly Monday, MD Associate Professor
Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
Justin Morgan, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
Thy Nguyen, MD Associate Professor
Director, Electromyography Laboratory
Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship
Elizabeth Noser, MD Associate Professor
Sandipan Pati, MD Associate Professor
Swati Pradeep, DO Assistant Professor
Reza Sadeghi, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
Rohini D. Samudralwar, MD Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Neurology Residency Program; Head, Neuroinflammatory Diseases Section
Amrou Sarraj, MD Associate Professor
Sean I. Savitz, MD Professor
Director, Vascular Neurology
Mya C. Schiess, MD Professor
Director, Movement Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Director, Movement Disorders Fellowship Program
Paul E. Schulz, MD Professor
Director, Neurocognitive Disorders Center
Anjail Z. Sharrief, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Director of Stroke Prevention
UTHealth Institute of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
Kazim A. Sheikh, MD Professor
Director, Neuromuscular Program
Sunil A. Sheth, MD Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program
Jeremy Slater, MD Professor
Shaun O. Smart, MD Assistant Professor
Director, Neurohospitalist Fellowship Program
Chief, General Neurology Service, Memorial Hermann-TMC
Gary R. Spiegel, MD Associate Professor
Director, Endovascular and Interventional Neurology
Erin Furr Stimming, MD Associate Professor
Director, Neurology Clerkship Program
Ai Sumida, MD
Assistant Professor
Sudha S. Tallavajhula, MD Associate Professor
Medical Director, TIRR Neurological Sleep Disorders Center
Stephen A. Thompson, MD Assistant Professor
Xinh Tran, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
Holly K. Varner, MD Assistant Professor
Aparajitha Verma, MD Clinical Assistant Professor
Tzu Ching Wu, MD Associate Professor
Director, Telemedicine Program
Jay-Jiguang Zhu, MD Professor


Nitin Tandon, MD   Professor and Chair ad interim
Spiros Blackburn, MD   Associate Professor
John Caridi, MD   Associate Professor
Peng Roc Chen, MD   Associate Professor
Joseph Cochran, MD   Assistant Professor
Mark Dannenbaum, MD   Assistant Professor
Arthur L. Day, MD   Professor and Co-Chair
Yoshua Esquenazi Levy, MD   Assistant Professor
Albert Fenoy, MD   Associate Professor
Stephen Fletcher, MD   Associate Professor
Joseph Hsieh, MD   Assistant Professor
Ryan Kitagawa, MD   Associate Professor
John Quinn, MD   Assistant Professor
David Sandberg, MD   Professor
Karl Schmitt, MD   Assistant Professor
Manish N. Shah, MD   Assistant Professor
Jessica Stark, MD   Assistant Professor
Krish Vigneswaran, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor

Pain Management Specialists

Joseph Amos, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor
Ashley Amsbaugh, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor
Mark Burish, MD   Assistant Professor
Nadya Dhanani, MD   Assistant Professor
Hiral Patel, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor


Sigmund Hsu, MD   Assistant Professor
Jay-Jiguang Zhu, MD   Professor

Radiation Oncologists

Mark Amsbaugh, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor
Angel Blanco, MD   Clinical Associate Professor
Shariq Khwaja, MD   Clinical Assistant Professor

Neurocritical Care Specialists

Ritvij Bowry, MD   Assistant Professor
Robert Brown, MD   Assistant Professor
Tiffany Chang, MD   Associate Professor
Huimahn Alex Choi, MD   Associate Professor
Aaron Gusdon, MDAssistant Professor
Swathi Kondapalli, MDAssistant Professor
Abhay Kumar, MD   Associate Professor


Bethany R. Williams, PhD Associate Professor
Director, Neuropsychology Program
Christina L. Burrows, PhD Assistant Professor
Director, Brain and Behavioral Health Clinic
Stella Kim, PsyD Assistant Professor
Yosefa Modiano, PhD   Assistant Professor

Pediatric Neurosurgeons

David Sandberg, MD, FACS, FAAP   Professor
Stephen Fletcher, MD   Associate Professor
Brandon A. Miller, MD, PhD, FAANS   Assistant Professor
Manish N. Shah, MD   Associate Professor

Contact Us

At UTHealth Neurosciences, we offer patients access to specialized neurological care at clinics across the greater Houston area. To ask us a question, schedule an appointment, or learn more about us, please call (713) 486-8000, or click below to send us a message. In the event of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.